Giuseppe Guarneri – Lord Wilton violin

Instrument description

This instrument is based on the Giuseppe Guarneri Lord Wilton violin made in 1742.
For the top I used and old italian spruce with thin to medium grain. I made ribs, back and scroll with East European thin flamed maple.
(spruce and maple are aged for more than 20 years, therefore very stable and light).
Fingerboard and nuts are made from ebony coming from Africa.
Pegs, tailpiece and chinrest are made with rosewood.
It’s been varnished with an oil based varnish made with pigments and natural rosin.
This instrument is not been made as a copy, but as a mere interpretation of the original model.

Original instrument description:

Original label

Back: One-piece

Top: From the same log as the “Carrodus” of 1743

Scroll: Of wood matching back

Ribs: Of wood matching back

Varnish: Pale golden orange

Length of back: 352 mm

Upper bouts: 168 mm

Middle bouts: 112 mm

Lower bouts: 206 mm

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